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a sex-positive art- and ficbitathon

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a sex-positive art- and ficbitathon

Thanks for checking out Saying Yes!, a sex-positive art- and ficbitathon. Our first round will begin on January 4, 2010 at 6 PM EST, and conclude on January 18. We're running the challenge in prompt-tree format (further explanations here and here) in order to give participants the most flexibility in what prompts they'd like to work with, and how detailed they want those prompts to be.

Saying Yes! is a challenge designed to showcase characters who like sex, enjoy sex, and want sex -- characters fully capable of giving informed consent, and giving it enthusiastically. It's about characters who don't view sex or any of its aspects as something demeaning or shameful and don't pass similar value judgments on their partners' choices. There are a lot of stories out there, both fanfic and published, where characters enjoy sex despite themselves, and where a character who takes on a certain role or performs certain behaviors during sex is thought of as weaker or lesser. Sex and sex roles become imposed rather than sought out, and desire is passive, the result of things done to a character rather than things a character actively seeks out and wants.

In contrast, stories and art for Saying Yes! show how being the submissive partner during sex is FUN and not demeaning. In these creative works, characters shout "Yes!" instead of "No!," and characters can get up to all kinds of kinky crazy fun without ever being made to feel shamed for their desires.

Thanks again for your interest, and we hope you'll consider participating in this challenge, or cheering our participants on when this goes live. We need as many yeses as we can muster, after all.

- puella_nerdii

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